Best Practices while building Patient Scheduling App


We are back with a new topic on some of the best practices while building your Patient Scheduling app and how they can be leveraged to improve the patient experience. Patient scheduling is an important area that often considered as a critical digital touchpoint. Patient either uses a provider portal or an app to schedule their appointments with the provider. Though appointment scheduling might appear straight, it requires careful consideration of many aspects while presenting the right experience to a patient. Some of the critical ones are covered today –

App must provide easy to search navigation

While searching a provider, whether a Primary Care physician or a specialist, patient must be able to search the list of providers using an easy-to-use lookup service. This will ensure that patient is getting the right provider nearer to their location with ease. When it is virtual appointment, provider search must list providers details accordingly. 

Patient must get the desired attention while booking

As a patient one must get all the desired attention from the providers, which means a provide must know in advance what the patient is suffering from. Any past history, provider notes, medical reports, existing prescriptions or history of diagnosis will ensure provider is up to speed quickly. To achieve this patient must get an intuitive interface to fetch and submit these details.

Build a smart scheduling workflow  

While designing your next gen scheduling app, one must consider to build a smart workflow that can be customized to meet the needs of the provider. A workflow might involve creation and sharing of the calendar at provider group level or department level, which might ensure getting data from one provider to other. For ex. If a Provider A wants to share a particular patient with providers from a provider group, this should be easy to share.

Patient Chats will go long way while booking

With the Chat BOTs getting popular, one must look at a use case of integration chat bots within the app, that can ask and converse with the patient to collect important information about the patients before scheduling the booking with the provider. If it’s a repeat patient, chat bot can simply collect the patient MRN to lookup the patient information from the historical records and present that intuitively to both patient and provider.

Integrations with Practice EHRs

One must consider integration with popular EHRs like Athena Health, Allscripts, Epic while getting provider and patient information from the EHRs. Whether you are writing push or pull with the EHRs, it is important to think about the holistic experience.

Keep a tap on provider utilization

While building the scheduling app, it is equally important to keep a tap on how providers are dealing with the load. The app must allow providers to identify their available slots to complete the booking. Provider burnouts has remained one of the biggest issues across the globe that impacts patient experience.

Building Alerts and Reminders for the patient

Alerts and reminders are some of the most important components while building your scheduling apps. Whether there is a no show from patient or provider, or it is a cancellation, or it is a simple reminder for the next appointment, they are as crucial as it can be to provide a compelling experience to patients.

Reduce Patient wait times

One of the most important features that patient wants to experience is about reduced patient wait time. To reduce the patient’s wait time, simple factors shall be considered like Accurate real time availability of time slots from the available slots, no duplicate bookings, booking in subsequent configurable intervals, real time adjustment of changes in the schedule.   

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