Key Considerations for Pharma Commercial Operations while adopting a data driven approach


Today we are back with a topic around Pharma Commercial Operations, and how pharma teams can adopt data driven approach to transform commercial operations. As we all know with pandemic, commercial teams across the pharma segment have been pressed to deal with challenges faced by Health Care Professionals (HCPs). Ensuring faster digital collaboration with HCPs and facilitating required access to different medicines, are just few examples. While pharma companies have gone digital at a rapid pace, it is important to ensure that the delivery of high-quality patient care is not compromised due to any shortage of drugs or vaccines.

To maintain the supply chain and to ensure we have predictability, Pharma companies are looking forward to data driven approaches. Let’s understand some of the key considerations one need to make to make a meaningful impact on the commercial operations.

Consolidation of customer data in one place is crucial    

While we are taking a data driven approach, data most often is scattered in structured, semi structured or unstructured way across different geographies. To mine these data and consolidating these data sets in one single master data file is crucial to know what your customers are demanding.

Field teams must get access to latest customer data 

While customer information may change rapidly, it is crucial to bring these changes into the hands of field sales team. It ensures field sales team has accurate information about the past customer interactions and latest needs. Building personalized relationship with the HCPs is one of the key aspects while trying to fulfill the demands.  

Searching and filtering of any large dataset

As we are consolidating data, it is important to bring intuitive and effective search and filtering capability while we are building real time reports from huge set of HCP data. Commercial team often want quick responses while they are meeting their customers.

Build intelligence for predicting orders quickly

While commercial teams are doing HCP interactions, it is important to predict different needs of the HCP based on historical data set. For example, imagine a scenario where field sales team is aware of the most prescribed drugs along with its availability in stock, to make an informed decision around the order process. 

Deriving campaign needs based on past HCP interactions

It is important to derive new campaign needs based on past HCP interaction happening across geographies and location. This simply ensures HCP get the required information in time so that they can make an informed decision about all the new products they are planning to evaluate and order. Since an HCP usually requires information on patient outcome; any relevant new information about the study or the drug, any supportive evidence on effectiveness in certain population, and any associated case studies will play an important role in HCP’s buying behavior.

Manage events based on HCP preferences

While field sales team can choose ways to conduct surveys or simply conduct a virtual event these days, it is important to capture HCP interests over a social community. One should plan to leverage AI/ML driven techniques to do audience segmentation based on publicly available data. Similarly, all promotional efforts shall be on the areas of interest that an HCP is having.

Multi-Channel Interactions over online and offline mode

One must adopt and support a mix of online and offline modes across different channels, for the interaction with the HCPs. This will not only ensure that the reps are providing a unified and seamless experience, it will also ensure better engagements with the HCPs. Some reps can simply go a start an engagement with an HCP using the existing workflows with the CRM they prefer to use. This will also ensure all audit trails are captured and is in compliance with the regulatory requirements. 

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