Trends in Digital Health Investments in Q2 2021


We are back this week with some of the latest stories around the Digital health. Today we are covering some of the investments that are happening in Q2 2021 that provides us insights on areas of focus in Digital Health. Some of the companies which are raising fund are on Digital Care and virtual care.

Investment in Digital Therapeutics 

Kaia Health raised a massive 75 million (USD) Series C round for continuing their journey around empowering patients in proactively finding treatment for management of chronic back pain accessible to everyone by using mobile device.

The current digital platform is one of the leaders in chronic pain management through its virtual physical therapy and real time exercise feedback validated by third party for its accuracy.

Kaia Health through its digital platform supports creating, evaluating, and distributing digital therapeutics which streamlines how digital therapeutics are distributed, consumed, paid, and reimbursed.

Some time back, Kaia also unveiled the next-generation, complete musculoskeletal (MSK) care solution for employers and health plans that plans to include case review service and clinical triage algorithms, while Kaia Premium Partners will provide native interoperability with select providers – all within Kaia’s existing solution.

Kaia’s next generation offering also expands support to chronic, acute, and pre-surgery care for back, neck, hip, knee, shoulder, hand/wrist, and foot/ankle pain.

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Investment in Tele Health and Digital Delivery of Care services

With Pandemic more and more focus has been seen to empower care providers with digital delivery of healthcare services. With that latest investment rounds have seen Digital healthcare company Kry, operating as Livi in the UK and France, announcing a funding round of over US$300m (€262m) to fuel its European expansion plans.

Kry offers a telehealth service (and software tools) to connect clinicians with patients for remote consultations for a range of medical issues, including infections, skin conditions, stomach problems and psychological disorders.

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North Texas-based Medchart has raised $17 million in Seed and Series A funding to help businesses get better access to patient-authorized health information.

About MedChart: Medchart is the easiest and fastest way to share health records, using explicit patient consent, through an online portal. Medchart enable a secure exchange between lawyers, hospitals, health providers, insurers, and patients so they can access health records faster, easier and more efficiently. Medchart’s mission is to put control into the hands of patients to easily share their records with the providers and services that benefit them most.

“Medchart’s automation and efficiency unlocks new generations of digital transformation and analytics to business processes that remain slow, expensive, and paper-based,” James Bateman, co-founder and CEO of Medchart, said in a statement. “Our mission is to revolutionize the way legal, insurance, researchers, and other professionals access medical records in a fraction of the time.”

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Some more news on Digital Care

Amazon Care's health provider signaling potential expansion, says STAT

Care Medical, which provides services for Amazon Care, has reportedly filed paperwork to start doing business in 17 more states.

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Digital Health Company RetroBrain R&D in collaboration with Barmer some time back announced a training program over Game Console named “memoreBox” which provides capability via an easy-to-use game console for elderly people to increase physical and mental fitness while playing.

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Mayo Clinic, Kaiser put $100M toward hospital-at-home care

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Certainly with 2021 Q2 already booming with investments in Digital care, we will keep watching this space and will bring innovation and investments that are happening around tele health, virtual and specialized care.

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