Trends in Pharma Tech


Today we are going to talk about some of the latest digital health trends in Pharma landscape.  

Pharma landscape is going through some of the major transformation backed by adoption of digital technologies. With a goal to streamline the operational workflows, a lot of innovation is happening on product discoveries, product manufacturing and commercialization aspects of the pharma workflow.  

Below are some of the key trends - 

Streamlining Digital Engagements with Healthcare Providers

Right from hosting online meetings, to sharing content over community channels based on personalized interests of the consumers, streamlining Digital Engagement Workflows is one of the key focus areas for Pharma companies to collaborate more effectively with their buyers. While content will be the key, curating engaging content and having control on the content publishing activities is another area where Pharma companies will keep innovating as they require MLR (Marketing, Legal and Regulatory) approvals most of the time.

Things like sentiment analysis of the consumers and targeting them with offers will be integral to content discovery and targeting. To support this pharma companies will be heavily dependent on Enterprise Content Management platforms to create a uniform seamless digital content strategy.

AI driving Drug Discovery

AI is being used to automate multiple aspects of drug discovery process like drug design, chemical synthesis, drug screening and drug repurposing. Companies have established collaborations with multiple AI players to

·       Identify and evaluate novel targets

·       Perform AI driven compound synthesis

·       Repurposing existing compounds

·       Identify and optimize novel lead structures for some of the diseases

·       Identify neurological diseases using patient voice samples

Automate small molecules discovery and synthesis

Innovation around GxP compliance

Clinical and regulatory teams are innovating at a rapid pace to meet the change in demands coming from US FDA, European Medicines Agency (EMA) or UK’s MHRA. At the end of the day it is vital to ensure a product is safe with a higher and consistent efficacy. While lot of collaboration technologies are getting introduced, this space will see a paradigm shift by automating the data collection and data integration as the process moves from different clinical phases. Automated Data audits will be performed against accuracy, completeness, consistency and reliability of the data throughout its entire period of usefulness.

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Tata Digital to invest upto $75 Million in curefit

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TetraScience launches first life sciences R&D Data Cloud with Bidirectional Integration and raised a Series B of $80 Million

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AI platform could be repurposed for Alzheimer’s

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Within3, a collaboration and communication service for the biotech and pharma industries, who raised over $100 million last year has acquired rmark-bio

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