What are the opportunities in digital Pharma Landscape?

Key Trends in Digital Health creating opportunities in Pharma Landscape:

Pharmaceutical companies are the drivers of health outcomes as they are not just the pill pusher but a partner in patient outcomes. Evolution of Digital health has opened different opportunities for healthcare stakeholders, today we are going to talk about the key trends in digital health that are impacting the Pharma landscape and creating unprecedented opportunities for large Pharma companies.   

Initiatives that will keep gaining momentum within pharma landscapes are -

Use of remote monitoring devices to capture digital health data for an efficient trial process

With lot of patient’s dropout from the trials, it is important that we have intelligent and efficient ways to connect back with these patients periodically and provide the information they need. Investments in remote monitoring solutions will be the key to effectively engage patients and provide data they need to make them stay in control.

With new trends, pharma companies will be continuously using remote monitoring solutions for better tracking, delivering and administering of medicines, that allows tracking of patient vital signs and send them remotely to trial sites.

Next generation of patient engagements

With the evolution of Direct to Patient model, pharma companies will lead by bringing more collaborative approaches with provider network to deliver and administer drug therapies directly to patient in the comfort of their homes. What this means can be patient need not go to offline retail channels and instead place orders at the end of the tele health sessions conducted. These tele health orders can potentially be integrated like electronic prescribing of prescription drugs popularly called as “Rx orders” and can be placed directly to pharma companies order processing units. All you need is a valid Rx and the ability to process these tele health orders which will be further integrated with the insurance companies for the reimbursement flow to complete.

AI/ML Innovations to boost across different areas of Pharma Business: 

AI/ML Driven Digital Health Innovations will impact clinical decision making helping healthcare and pharma companies to fast track clinical screening and drug discovery.

Next Generation of Digital Health Innovation powered by “AI and Data Processing Units (DPU)” is bringing innovations faster than we would imagine. For example, from the latest news from MGH, talks about the two new models that potentially boost accuracy in identifying Covid 19 patients facing greater risks of mechanical ventilation and death.

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For Pharma companies, these innovations will lead to onboarding effective screening of initial drug compounds or identification of right candidates for trials by screening their historical medical records, current symptoms and various other factors clustered together for a richer feature set. However, it is equally important to look at high volume of data to make the models predict with more accuracy.

From regulatory standpoint, back in April 2019, FDA had proposed TPLC approach which promotes Good ML Practice (GMLP). While FDA has collected feedback, the final action plan has been recently published. 

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Regulatory frameworks will mandate all innovations to follow the principles laid down by FDA for achieving market clearance.

Integrations from EHRs to boost Clinical Trial Collaboration

Leveraging Digital Health Data from patient episodes within EHR has been another way that’s gaining popularity to create more effective and collaborative clinical trail. For example data from paper Case Report Forms can be potentially integrated by using combination of AI techniques like NLP or one can use one of the existing interoperability standards to bring the data from EHRs to EDC systems using standards like FHIR that can bring the required health data like patient demographics, medical history, medication, lab and vital signs straight to eCRF and further can be converted to SDTM, for deeper meaningful analysis.

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Current Health has an FDA cleared remote patient monitoring platform, that has recently launched Community, to build diverse longitudinal datasets for decentralized clinical trials. The system collects various datasets like respiratory rate, heart rate, temperature, Oxygen saturation and integrates other monitoring devices such as devices from VivaLNK, Dexcom and Omron.  

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Back in September last year Science 37® launched Integrated Electronic Health Records into Its Industry-Leading Decentralized Clinical Trial Technology Platform

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