Why are we launching Digital Health Human Series?


We’ve been producing and curating content from past few months and the we received great deal of support from the Healthviva community. We are super thankful to the community which is now almost 25K strong.  

While we covered number of companies, the funding updates especially by whom, in which space and the ones who are receiving the funding. We’ve missed on covering the people who are helping push the digital health enabled value-based care helping improved patient lives every single day.  

Hence, we are launching Digital Health Human Series where we are going to cover the Healthcare professionals.  

We had a pleasure to meet Adrian Rawlinson MD earlier this week. Adrian is an Entrepreneurial physician executive, strategic leader, and a digital healthcare product innovator based in the Silicon Valley.  Dr. Rawlinson has over 20 years of experience working in the medical field as both a physician and as an advisor for healthcare startups. Dr. Rawlinson is a leader at digital health companies including BreakawayGrowth Fund and Upswing Health. He continues to practice medicine and is a Specialist in Musculoskeletal Medicine at California Pacific Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. He has previously practiced and held leadership roles at medical institutions including California Pacific UCSF Medical Center, Brown & Toland Medical Group, and UC Berkeley’s Sports Medicine Department and Urgent Care Unit. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of Leeds, a Diplomate Sports and Exercise Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine degree from UCL and a Healthcare and Clinical Informatics degree from Oregon Health and Science University. He also holds a certificate in personalized medicine from Vanderbilt University, Board of Certification in Family Medicine from American Board of Family Medicine and a Diplomate in Sports Medicine from UCL. He’s currently the VP of Medical Affairs at Upswing Health which is Part diagnostic platform, part virtual clinic, part recovery platform exclusively for the orthopedic issues.   

Adrian has written a number of articles, blogs and provided his perspective on numerous topics: 

4 Ways Care Teams Can Help Vaccine-Hesitant Patients

Today, 123.9 million people in the US have been vaccinated — and that number is something to celebrate. But the news of a pause in giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, due to six instances of a rare blood clotting disorder, is almost sure to give the vaccine-hesitant additional concern. 

No matter what, the reality is still that a return to normalcy still requires “70 to 85 percent of the US population to be vaccinated” according to Dr. Fauci. At this time, about 2.8 million doses a day are being administered, vaccine production is ramping up, and trials with younger participants are beginning. This is all terrific news. But it will still take several months to reach the level where we’re living the pre-pandemic life we all look back on with longing. 

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EMRs Contribute to Physician Burnout -- But Better Technology Could Help 

Physician burnout was an acknowledged problem long before the pandemic hit.  

But now doctors who were previously burdened with lack of autonomy and pressure to pack their days with too many patients are now grappling with the existential threat that is COVID. We see it in the fear for themselves; their families, their colleagues and their patients; lack of PPE, the list goes on. In a bleak reminder that doctors are people too, one recent study shows the effects of this additional stress: 50 percent of doctors surveyed had signs of depression, over 70 percent felt distress, 34 percent had insomnia.  

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What is good "Webside Manner" ? - A crash course in Telemedicine technique

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Doctors, 3 Reasons to Embrace Shared Decision Making. It’s Good for You — And Your Patients.

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Any Alternative is Better: Why We Should Embrace Value-Based Purchasing

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EMRs Contribute to Physician Burnout — But Better Technology Could Help

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Dr. Adrian Rawlinson: A New Standard of Care

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Let us know what you think of this coverage and also on the whole concept of Digital Health Human Series. If you think you are a good fit and want us to cover you then reach out to us at Health Viva at Taliun dot com. 


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